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Plethora CBD advocates for safe and effective use of CBD

With so many products and strains on the market, and so many unknowns around hemp and CBD, it’s not surprising that consumers have plenty of questions. Most of the questions from consumers are around the very basics and these basics need to be addressed long before that decision to buy a product is made.

Are you new to CBD or have questions you need addressed? We have you covered. Schedule a FREE CALL with our Specialist Cannabis Nurses.

Cannabis is a journey, and users will need on-going support. To all Plethora CBD consumers, our commitment to you is FREE ONGOING USAGE SUPPORT from our Specialist Cannabis Nurses. Our ultimate goal is meeting your (our customers`) needs and making sure our products truly help.

How does it work? 

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2) Speak to our qualified nurses to get answers to your questions and guidance on our products.

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3) As a Plethora CBD customer, you get FREE ongoing support. Our goal is to ensure our products meet your needs.